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4 organic European beauty brands | Shopping guide

Here we go for the second part of the organic beauty brands overview. After introducing you to French brands, today I would like to show you organic brands from other European countries. There are plenty of organic and eco-friendly companies to talk about so I limited my selection to those I already know and those I fancy trying. You will find my products selection in the end as well as where they are available in the UAE.
Pai The British brand is dedicated to sensitive skin by providing products free of irritating chemicals such as alcohol derivatives, phenoxyethanol (a preservative to avoid) and petrochemicals. The range includes baby products too. All made in England. Pai products are cruelty free and certified organic by the Soil Association. Although it is secondary, I love their minimalistic and white packaging. Out of the four brands I list in this article, Pai is the most expensive but it doesn't fall into the high-end brands category. 
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